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What's wrong with Youtube's watch later list?

In Docast we love to watch Youtube. Sometimes it's hard to find time to watch videos but thankfully Youtube has "Watch Later" button. Video will be added to the special playlist after you clicked it.

Why is it so convenient? Because it's one or two clicks action button. On any mobile app it's the fastest way to save video for watching it later.

Houston we have a problem

As I've described "Watch Later" button is the fastest way to save video to the special playlist. But it isn't the regular playlist. Look at the difference.

With "Watch Later" playlist you are not able to:

  • Share it
  • Change settings. E.g. change video ordering

With normal playlist you can set ordering by date added (newest first).

And here we come to the biggest problem of the default "Watch Later" playlist - you cannot change the default ordering of the videos which is Date added (oldest). When you add a new video to the playlist it will be added to the end of the list. You'll have to scroll down to see the latest items.

The solution

We've built a service which solves the problem. The website is https://watchlater.chib.me. I'll explain how it works:

  • Ensure that you have a youtube channel. To create a youtube channel use this link.
  • Click "Start using"
  • Allow to our service to work with your youtube account
  • After that we will create a normal playlist named "Watch Later Service"
  • Every five minutes we will move all your videos from default "Watch Later" list to the normal playlist.
  • That's it 😊

Why is it cool? Because you don't have to move videos manually and you will be able to use convenient "Watch Later" button. Enjoy!