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How to watch football highlights on any device?

I love football but I don't have enough time to watch all matches. With Docast.me I can watch the latest football highlights anytime from many special websites. For example timesoccer.com.

Such sites have all recent football matches but they are inconvenient in many ways:

  • Videos with highlights could have ads. I don't want to waste time on it.
  • There are no notifications about new games.
  • There are no convenient controles (skipping 30 forward, increasing speed, etc...)
  • There is no way I could watch videos in offline mode (e.g. in the underground).

You know what - there is an app with the all described features. It’s already on your device. It’s called the podcasting app!

RSS + Docast = ♥

We've added RSS integration to Docast recently. It opens possibilities for listening text articles and watch videos from any webpage. Actually it works the same way as the Pocket integration:

The difference is:

  • With the Pocket you subscribe to your personal pocket bookmarks.
  • With the RSS you subscribe to opened RSS feed.

There are just two steps you should perform for watching football highlights in any podcasting app:

  • Create a podcast from your favorite website's RSS.
  • Add the podcast link to your app as it described in the video above.

I'll give you a short link for the timesoccer.com. Just follow it and click "Create podcast" button:

Now you can enjoy football highlights right in your favorite podcasting app! On any device. Without ads. With notifications. With convenient speed controles. In offline mode!


I've been using timesoccer.com feed for a while and found it inconvenient. It's slow updating and sometimes they mix text articles into their feed.
I found another great website footyroom.com but they don't have RSS feed I could use.

Thankfully as a developer I can build my own RSS feed. I wrote little script with GO which parses footyroom.com. Resulting feed you can find here. You can start watching highlights from the feed using Docast. Just follow a short link and click "Create podcast" button.