Deform vs Firebase

Recently I've got a question about the differences between Deform and Firebase.

This article contains:

Features overview


  • Cloud and mobile platform. It is client side oriented.
  • Realtime database
    • Can work offline
    • Allows synchronization across a number of devices
  • Key-Value Storage
  • File storage


deform documents find -c users -f '{"email": "[email protected]"}'  
  • Validation
  • Processing
    • You can modify JSON documents on the fly using processors
  • Webhooks
    • You can set a webhook to trigger when a document will be deleted, updated or created ( or both ). The webhook can receive a list of headers to make a request with.

So what's the difference?

This is a list of features which Deform has and Firebase has not:

  • Query language - mongodb proxied
  • Validation - JSON Schema powered
  • Webhooks - with a history, retry policy and events
  • Processing - change JSON document on the fly

Projects developed using Deform

We have built our side projects using Deform.


Telegram bots:

  • @PokechatBot - share your location and speak with nearby pokemon trainers
  • @PenaltyMeBot - play a penalty shootout with a real 📺 video visualisation!

The reasons we've chosen Deform: